Weekend Adventures: A Kentucky Wedding

August 6, 2015

This past weekend took place in the artsy town of Berea, Kentucky for my friend Xiaodi's wedding. It was filled with lots of love, friends, bourbon balls, cupcakes, dancing and a new card game: booray. Congrats Xiaodi + Conrad! 
And the trip also included a visit to another bakery on The Daily Meal's Top Cupcake Bakeries. Located just north of Berea in Lexington, BabyCakes Cupcakes was ranked #54 on The Daily Meal's 2014 list. As a special treat for the bride and fellow bridesmaids, I bought a half dozen cupcakes for us to sample. Each cupcake is $2.00.
I only took a few bites of the strawberry cupcake but those few were more than enough. The cupcake was unevely baked: the bottom was fairly dry while the middle of the cupcake was fluffy and moist. The flavor was reminiscent of crunch berries cereal, which made it artificially fruity. It was a tad too sweet and was also very mediocre. I only wish I could have shared some stellar treats to celebrate the wonderful weekend but luckily for us, the reception had some delicious cupcakes to make up for the BabyCakes, tenfold.
BabyCakes Cupcakes
1616 Liberty Road
Lexington, Kentucky

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