Cheese, Cherries & Beer

August 31, 2015

Where else could one find himself trying the culinary delights of one state that boasts of its cheese, sour cherries and beer? Wisconsin, of course!

This post is long overdue since it has been a few weeks since I visited Illinois's northern neighbor to reunion with old friends. It was a lovely way to explore Milwaukee again and a chance to visit a favorite Chung vacation spot: Door County (the little Wisconsin peninsula along Lake Michigan).
My first fried cheese curds: 
The most intense bloody mary I've ever had from The Noble! Complete with pickled brussels sprouts, green beans, peppers, cornichons, garlic, a tater tot, cocktail wienie, bacon wrapped date and a cheese curd:
A brewery tour at Lakefront Brewery (my favorite was their New Grist Ginger Ale). 
Cherry flavored everything in Door County, known for their sour cherries. I sampled some delicious cherry donuts, cherry pie, cherry cheese and cherry salsa. 

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  1. Yummm...I wish I had that Bloody Mary and cheese curd dish right now!!