The Other Korean BBQ

September 14, 2015

I'll been a little quiet on this corner of the internet lately. Hi, friends! 

Today's adventure is from a little over two weeks ago from when I was still in Chicago. The twin and her bf were in town and we took a little field trip out to a popular Korean restaurant in the city (even amongst the non-Korean population). 

Cho Sun Ok Restaurant is Chicago's oldest Korean restaurant and although the space is intimate, it doesn't stop diners from visiting the restaurant.

Mom Chung told us to order their Chadol Baegi-thinly sliced beef brisket (no marinade) cooked in stone pan. Chungs have eaten this many times at home but at Cho Sun Ok, you get an extra special bonus: kimchi fried rice cooked in the stone pot once all the meat is cooked. 
So after a quick DIY bbq-ing at our table, we were ready to eat the simple yet delicious beef. 
The beef came accompanied with a sesame oil sauce for dipping, shredded green onion salad (pa muchim), pickled onions and soybean paste (dwenjang). You can choose to use some or all the accompaniments at once with your slice of beef. 
And then once we finished cooking the beef, a mix of kimchi, kimchi juices and bean sprouts were added to the stone pot. 
Then in came the rice...
To create a delicious finale to our meal. 

Chadol baegi is a tasty alternative to the popular bulgogi and kalbi Korean barbecues. If your local restaurant doesn't offer chadol baegi, you can easily make some at home with beef brisket, this recipe for green onion salad and this recipe for sesame oil dipping sauce. 

Cho Sun Ok
4200 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

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