Cupcake Birthday

August 18, 2015

1 birthday + 3 nieces + 1 dog + 1 sista + 1 bro in-law + 2 (grand) parents + 1 (great) grandma + 4 cupcakes + me = the perfect recipe for a delightful birthday party for a newly 3 year old. And when I was on the hunt for a tasty birthday cupcake, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to try out a nearby suburban bakery that I had on my radar.
Baker Boys provided a lovely afternoon stop with the birthday girl and 4 fun cupcakes to sample later at the party. Little Sophie had a cookies and milk snack on our field trip to the bakery. (She got a very tasty snickerdoodle cookie).
The bakery offers five standard flavors of cupcakes in addition to their five specialty cupcakes daily. Frozen custard, cookies, mini cupcakes and other pastries are also available. A standard cupcake is (I think---I forgot the price) $2.95 and a specialty cupcake is $3.50. The birthday girl wanted a chocolate chocolate cupcake but I also ordered a s'mores, cookie dough and a banana chocolate chip cupcake for the rest of the family to sample.
The s'mores cupcake was a little sweet from the marshmallow + the frosting but it did taste just like s'mores.
The cookie dough cupcake was also a tad too sweet from the frosting but the cookie dough inside the cupcake and the cookie on top provided delicious surprises.
The banana chocolate chip cupcake was a little disappointing since it wasn't a banana cake but rather banana bread. I love banana cake so I felt like I was eating a glorified muffin. But the frosting on top was a tasty blend of cream cheese and chocolate.
The birthday girl had the best cupcake of the bunch: chocolate! It was fluffy and moist and topped with a delicious fudgy, chocolate frosting.
I'm so happy I could spoil Sophie with many cupcake-themed presents for her birthday. Happy 3!

Baker Boys
733 St. John Avenue
Highland Park, Illinois

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