A Fairy Tale Time

August 9, 2015

I'm home in Chicago for my annual summer break at the parentals'. When I was hanging out with the new niece, Baby Claire, Sista Min decided to indulge me and take us to a bakery that I read about over a year ago. After seeing cupcakes on their menu, I knew I had to go---and who could say no to a place that has a whimsical tree inside its space? 
A Baker's Tale pays homage to Alice in Wonderland and other fairy tales. While there was only one cupcake flavor available that day, I saw many delicious tarts inside the dessert case. One that caught my eye: a breakfast tart---a key lime cheesecake tart topped with candied bacon. I didn't order it but it did look beautious. 
The Sista, Brother-in-law and I all split a carrot cake cupcake and a chocolate-toffee-cheesecake tart. Cupcakes range from $3.25-3.75. 
I really wanted this cupcake to be as incredible as the ambiance, but sadly, I cannot honestly say it was. The cupcake, ordered right before closing, suffered from dry frosting on top. The frosting almost felt plastic-y in its dryness. But once we found some suitable frosting underneath the dryness, it was pretty tasty. The cake was alright but nothing super special. 
The tart: more delicious than the cupcake. I'd be curious to try the breakfast tart, although it doesn't sound too breakfasty. 

A Baker's Tale
2127 West Division Street
Wicker Park
Chicago, Illinois

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