A Second Chance, The Sequel

September 22, 2015

The last time I revisited a not-so-great-cupcake-bakery in Houston, it brought unexpected and pleasant results. I was hoping this would happen again when I decided to try a bakery that I first tried three years ago.
Ooh La La Sweets was a bakery I had on my radar when I was hunting down the best cupcakes in Houston in 2012. And lucky for me, a nice guy brought one for me on a date so I didn't have to drive all the way out to Katy to sample one. But the cupcake and the date just didn't do it for me and therefore I didn't want to rate/write about the bakery here in my tiny corner of the internet. 

But the other day when I found out there was another location near City Centre, I made Twin Sista drive us over so we could have a post-shopping snack. None of the flavors really stood out for me so I decided on their ultimate chocolate cupcake. Each jumbo cupcake is $3.50. 
Once I took a bite into the cupcake, the memory of the cupcake from the date came back to me. It smelled and tasted like a generic grocery store cupcake---in the worst way possible: too sweet and with an unpleasant ordinary chocolate flavor. The only saving grace was the texture, which was pretty springy and moist. 

This was one second chance that didn't deserve it. 

But on a happier note: I'm thrilled to be reunited with delicious tacos and kolaches here in Texas. 
Ooh La La Sweets
700 West Sam Houston Parkway, North
Houston, Texas

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