National Cupcake Day!

December 15, 2015

December 15: ten days before Christmas and also National Cupcake Day! I've celebrated in the past to some sad results and I think the curse has continued...

(Here are past duds on Cupcake Day: 20112012, 2014)

Today I decided to patronize a bakery that I didn't have time to try out the last time I lived here in Houston. Dessert Gallery is the home to a cute bakery that houses a plethora of desserts and savory foods.
In addition to cakes, pies, cookies, there are six different cupcakes available at $2.75. I asked the employee for her recommendation and in a heartbeat she replied, "Strawberry." So with some trepidation (always worried strawberry cupcakes will taste artificial), I ordered the strawberry cupcake.
I'm sad to report that Dessert Gallery's cupcake was mediocre. While it was moist, it was borderline gummy. And just as I suspected, it was full of artificial strawberry flavor. But it wasn't so offensive and it still made for a satisfying mid-afternoon snack on this cupcake day.

Hope you all had a lovely Cupcake Day!

Dessert Gallery
3600 Kirby Drive
Upper Kirby
Houston, Texas

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