The Cupcake ATM

November 30, 2015

It finally happened; I patronized the cupcake ATM at Sprinkles! It was all I had hoped and dreamed it would be.
It's perfect for when you crave a gourmet cupcake at random hours when the storefront isn't open. I stopped by after work at 10pm the day before Thanksgiving. Surprisingly, I had to wait in line for my cupcake (it appears that a lot of Houstonians crave their sprinkles cupcakes late at night). 
After selecting my cupcake of choice on the touchscreen and swiping my credit card, I waited a few seconds and the pink door to the right opened and my cupcake appeared! (The cupcake is 50 cents more than a cupcake from the store---$4.25 instead of $3.75). 
(A nice lady behind me in line offered to snap pics of my first cupcake atm encounter). 

The cupcake was a gift to a friend on his birthday so we didn't sample it until the next day. The cupcake may have suffered a teeny bit of dryness from the later eating time; however, it was still tasty as all Sprinkles cupcakes are. 
The cupcake ATM is located in nine cities currently but three more are on their way to a city near you. 

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