DIY Coasters

November 27, 2015

I'm a sucker for crafty things and when my friend Erin told me about a Craft Happy Hour event to make tile coasters, I was in!
The craft ended up being super easy and therefore allowed time to enjoy a lovely cocktail while crafting (unlike painting + wine classes where I often felt like my wine would be ignored since I was so focused on painting).
These can be the perfect DIY holiday gifts for hosts/hostesses, family and friends: they're cheap, easy and can be personalized for the ones you love.
I ended up making a collage with the scrapbook paper for two of my coasters but also took on the task of basket weaving two different patterns onto my two other tiles. It got a little sticky but the end result wasn't too shabby!
Erin personalized hers by cutting out letters, while Twin Sista made a set of 4 matching coasters. I even saw some instagrammy looking coasters when the crafter cut out pictures from glossy magazines. There are endless ways to decorate these coasters. BuzzFeed even has a list of ways to craft them. 

Decorated Tile Coasters
4" x 4" Ceramic Tiles  (at 16 cents a piece, woohoo!)
scrapbooking paper
fashion magazines
mod podge
foam brush 
1. Cut out shapes or strips of the paper and plan out design of choice to fit onto tile. 
2. Dip foam brush in mod podge and paint a thin layer onto the tile. Then lay the paper on top and set into place. 
3. Add another coat of mod podge on top of the paper and let dry. 

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