Farmers Market Cupcake

November 7, 2016

I've been slowly exploring my new neighborhood, the Houston Heights, ever since I moved up here back in June. I was excited that I finally remembered to check out the neighborhood Farmers Market, which takes place the first Saturday of every month.
The term farmers market should be used very loosely in this instance. It was more of an artisanal market, but since I was expecting produce, I was a little disappointed. But lucky for me, there was a stand filled with cupcakes!
Thankful Cupcakes had a large variety of cupcakes and I opted for a seasonal flavor: caramel apple. Each cupcake is $4.
I feel bad being overly critical of mom & pop operations. Let's just say I wasn't able to finish the cupcake. It did have some good bites when I got bits of apple chunks in the cake.
Aside from the stroll through the market, I also took a jaunt to a eccentric shop nearby filled with oddities, taxidermy and basically stuff from nightmares (ie. vintage ouija boards, vampire babies, ventriloquist dummies). The Wilde Collection opened its doors a year ago in the Heights and it was a fun/interesting way to explore the quirky side of my neighborhood.
Thankful Cupcakes at Heights Epicurean Farmers Market
Grace United Methodist Church
1245 Heights Boulevard
Houston, Texas

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