All The Desserts

February 19, 2017

Back in September, I was given a gift card to a local bakery, which is located just east of downtown Houston, an area I don't usually frequent. Well, it took me 4+ months to get my butt over there and I'm so glad I did!
Tout Suite is the sister bakery to SWEET, which is bakery that I visited five years ago for a cupcake on my Houston Cupcake Hunting. (I was pretty unenthusiastic about that cupcake experience). 

On my visit to Tout Suite, I decided to get an assortment of desserts to share with friends: a mango passion fruit tart, a hazelnut torte, a cronut (i was curious) and a tiramisu cupcake (just for me). There were 9 cupcake flavors available (even gluten-free ones) and each is $3.25. 

The tart and the torte were certainly eye catchers and they were just as delicious as they looked. The cinnamon sugar cronut was pretty much a churro in donut form. I probably should eat the real thing next time I'm in NYC. 
As for the cupcake, I was pleasantly surprised upon my first bite. It was so flavorful without being too sweet. All the flavors of the tiramisu cake shined through and worked well together. It had a moist, fluffy cake that was topped with a fluffy, light frosting. It was so good! Best cupcake in a long time! 

Tout Suite
2001 Commerce Street
Houston, Texas

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