Field Trip Cupcake

February 20, 2017

I had to make a last minute day trip to the Southeast side of Houston last week and ended up having a couple hours to kill in between some performances. With the extra time, I decided to get my second cupcake of the week out in the suburb of League City.
I was a little skeptical since Craved Creations has only one review on Yelp. I was somewhat relieved to see that I wasn't the only customer there on a Friday morning. There was a variety of flavors available ranging from classic to fruity. I opted for a confetti cupcake, which was $3.
To be honest, I thought I would write this off as a nice-effort-but-no-thanks type of cupcake but I was so pleasantly surprised when I took my first bite. It was what you can imagine a gourmet Funfetti cake to taste like: a little less artificial tasting and filled with that vanilla flavor that transports you back to childhood birthday parties. I was then reminded of how subpar my sprinkles Sprinkles cupcake was a couple months ago (step it up, Sprinkles). The only downfall: too much frosting which made it a tad too sweet but this was easily remedied by scraping off about half of the giant mound of frosting atop the cake.

Well done, Craved Creations. And I hope many more positive reviews flood their Yelp because it is well deserved!

Craved Creations
812 East Main Street
League City, Texas

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