The Houston Bucket List Continues...

April 23, 2017

I've known since November that I'd be moving from Houston so there has been ample time to think through the things I want to see and eat before I depart from Houston in July. So here's what I've been crossing off my list since January.

I love crawfish but only really enjoy it when someone else does all the labor of de-shelling the little mudbugs. But to embrace crawfish season down here, I made sure to get my paws dirty at Crawfish & Noodles (although my friend Luis thinks I need to experience a proper crawfish boil too).

Apparently it's a thing in Texas to take portraits of children in a field of bluebonnets (the state flower). I just stopped to admire them one day on my way to go running but I did contemplate taking my fur baby for some portraits--only momentarily.

Fancy Dining:
I treated myself to a six course meal at the James Beard award winning chef, Justin Yu's, Oxheart restaurant. My friends and I ordered the garden and tasting menus so we could sample a little of each. All the courses were so delicious, creative and thrilling.

I suppose any meal out with friends is on my bucket list but there's something about a lazy weekend brunch that gets me extra excited about food---and it has nothing to do with morning cocktails. Buffet Mexican brunch at Xochi and my ugly delicious brunch from Common Bond (croque madame doesn't photograph well) were the perfect meals to accompany a morning with friends.

Biking Around the Bayou:
Renting bikes and riding around the Buffalo Bayou that runs through downtown was a fun way to see the city from a different perspective.

I like to joke that on a road trip through East Texas last year, the only things I would see in the roadside strip malls were signs for TACOS and DONUTS. With the many donut shops around, I only have eyes for Hugs & Donuts. Their fun and creative flavors are always so tasty.
And with donuts comes the other Texas donut shop staple: kolaches! And I couldn't leave without eating my favorite hybrid one,  the Indian flavored butter chicken kolache from the Pondicheri Bake Lab.

To be continued...

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