Weekend Adventures: San Antonio

April 19, 2017

With the few months I have left in Texas, I wanted to take a trip out to San Antonio to visit my friend Stacey before I didn't have the chance anymore to pop in my car and drive three hours west to see her. And this was a test run for road tripping with the cat. (I can report we both did well on our round trip car trip!).

This trip wasn't really to see the sights of San Antonio but rather to just hang out and have friend time. But with Stacey being a good friend, she made sure to take me to her new favorite cupcake place in town: Sweet Secrets Cake Shop.
There were about a dozen flavors available and all for low prices: $1.50-2.50. The cupcakes were frosted on the spot, so while it took a bit of time to get all of our cupcakes prepared, I didn't mind knowing the frosting would be fresh. I opted for a black forest cupcake while Stacey and friends ordered many more, which included carrot, strawberry shortcake, German chocolate and coconut.
These were super fluffy cupcakes; however, while the sponge had a nice spring, they were a tad dry. But the light, not too sweet frosting helped mask that flaw, which made the cupcakes a delightful afternoon treat.
And Stacey took me up to the historic town of Gruene so I could see a little bit of real Texas before my exodus from the state. We saw the oldest Texas Dance Hall , saw a slew of cowboy hats and did a little bit of antiquing.

Sweet Secrets Cake Shop
Medical Center
7423 Callaghan Road
San Antonio, Texas

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