All The Tacos

June 26, 2017

When I found out I was moving last November, I asked my fellow Houstonians what they would miss the most if they too were moving. Most people answered: TACOS! And so I made it my mission to eat as many tacos in my last seven months so I could savor the food I would miss the most when I leave the Lone Star State.

Taquerias are plentiful in Houston so I used this guide, recommendations from friends and the help of Yelp to guide me in my taco quest. And in case you were wondering, while not authentic, I prefer flour tortillas but I did order corn frequently and even the occasional whole wheat tortilla.

My Favorite Taco:
I fell in love with Torchy's Taco almost six years ago when I first ate them in Austin. While they're not the most authentic Mexican tacos, they are definitely the most delicious in my eyes. I was introduced last year to their secret menu and their taco of the month was always fun to explore. But I'll miss my favorites: baja shrimp and the dirty sanchez.

Authentic Holes in the Wall:
Cheap, small, spicy and full of flavor, Unos P'nches Tacos and Tacos Tierra Caliente serve amazing tacos that are no frills but utterly delicious. Their menus are similar in that they offer only 7 types of tacos that include pastor, fajita, barbacoa and even tongue.

Fusion Tacos:
The aptly named Fusion Taco and Velvet Taco make tacos with non-traditional fillings like tikka masala, shrimp and grits, falafel, etc.

Breakfast Tacos:
There's nothing more quintessentially Texan than consuming tacos for breakfast. I loved this article on the best breakfast tacos in the city and used it as a guide to help me find ones to eat in my remaining time here.

From the top to bottom: The new-kid-on-the-block Liberty Taco has a delicious Texas brisket/egg taco and Chilosos Taco House has pillowy flour tortillas that were so delicious paired with the salty sausage breakfast taco.

The Best Fish Taco:
Mom Chung can't stop talking about how great El Rey's fish tacos are: grilled and accompanied with a slaw and creamy habanero sauce. I couldn't agree more with Mom Chung.

Just Stinking Good Tacos:
Most Houston taquerias have a breakfast taco menu in addition to regular tacos. When I went to Tacos A Go Go and Tacodeli, I ordered both! Tacos A Go Go has splashier, ingredient-heavy tacos (one included tater tots!) that are excellent while Tacodeli has fewer ingredients per taco but are simply delicious and made from local and organic ingredients.

We all know what I'll ask to eat when I visit Houston in the future. Until then, I'll miss you tacos! xoxo

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