Houston Bucket List, The Finale

July 11, 2017

I officially am moved out of Houston and spent a whirlwind week getting settled in Kansas City before heading out to Chicago for my annual summer trip. While I won't miss the scorching hot Houston summers, I will miss the city. xoxo

Here's the finale of my Houston bucket list:

The Sites:
(It may be hard to believe but I do actually go to places that don't involve eating).
I explored the pixel forest at the Museum of Fine Arts, toured the underground cistern turned art installation and roamed the Japanese Garden at Hermann Park.

Yoyo's Hot Dog:
A person I know in Houston declared Yoyo's Hot Dog the best thing he ever ate in Houston. It's such a bold statement so I made it my mission to grab one before I moved. The hot dog cart only emerges on the weekend nights in Rice Village to serve the drunk and hungry crowd and Twin Sista and I picked a non-hot/humid night to wait in line for a much sought-out hot dog. The dog was topped with a plethora of toppings: grilled and fried onions, honey mayo, curry ketchup, cream cheese, spicy mustard and sriracha. Twin Sista and I thought the toppings were competing with each other, which made the flavors muddled. It was good but definitely not the best thing I ever ate.

Michelin Starred Dim Sum:
Yauatcha, a London-based Michelin Star rated dim sum restaurant, opened its doors in Houston recently. My severe head cold wasn't going to stop me from enjoying the super delicious dim sum.

Ice Cream:
My friend Matthew and I continued our ice cream adventures with one final stop this year to Kamalan Bakery in Chinatown for an Instagram famous ice cream cone. Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake that is typically filled with red bean but in this case it came with the option of red bean or custard and then topped with red bean/green tea/vanilla or plum ice cream and other sweet goodies. The cake was warm and combined with the ice cream made it as tasty as it looked.

Hot New Spots:
The swanky new bar Better Luck Tomorrow for cocktails and delicious bar food, King's BierHaus for German fried goodies and the best new burger in Houston (a shake shack inspired one) at FM Kitchen and Bar were all fun spots to hit before I departed.

Central Market:

I'm not kidding when I say I'll probably miss a grocery store the most when I leave Houston (ok, well second to tacos). Central Market is the ultimate foodie destination and they even just added in an insanely large olive oil department and chocolate bar. But their salad bar counter was the best place for hearty yet delicious salads.

Until next time, Houston!

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