July 29, 2017

This is probably the last summer I'll spend at my childhood home. The parents have just put the house on the market and it'll be sad to say goodbye after almost 29 years.
I've also been spending some time looking at new houses with the parents, which I kind of love. We've seen some real stinkers but there are also some potential ones.
And a trip home is never complete without eating like crazy...

The Corn Cheese Korean BBQ:
I first encountered the corn cheese/egg troughs at Korean BBQ in NYC last year. Mr. Kimchi, a new Korean BBQ spot in the burbs, has brought the troughs (that cook while the meat grills) to Chicagoland and the Chungs couldn't be happier.

Chinatown Dim Sum:
Mom Chung has lived in Chicagoland for 40+ years and had never been to Chinatown until two weeks ago when we took her for dim sum. MingHin served us some delicious dumplings, noodles and even pork feet (dad chung's choice).

Cold Summer Noodles:
No summer is complete without eating a cold bowl of naengmyeon noodles, which is a Korean dish of buckwheat noodles served icy cold in a sweet/vinegary broth.

The Jewish Deli:
Living in a predominately Jewish community has its perks: the local Jewish deli for lox and bagels! But after seeing herring on their menu, I was reminded of the delicious herring I had at Russ and Daughters in NYC so I thought I'd sample some here. It wasn't quite the same as the magnificent bites from R&D but it was fun to try some again.

And finally, a reunion with the Doughnut Vault. Their old fashioned is always a winner in my eyes!

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