The Toddler-Approved Cupcake

July 23, 2017

It's been six years since I first started my cupcaking journey in Chicago. It shouldn't be a surprise to me that each year I visit home, there's always a new cupcake bakery to patronize. After lunch at the cute French Bakery La Fournette last week, my sista Melissa and I made a pit stop in Lincoln Park to grab some cupcakes from The Twisted Baker (which is located a block from my very first college apartment).
Normally I don't criticize my cupcake experience by bringing up service, but service was exceptionally slow to get two cupcakes. After I ordered, it took about another five minutes to receive my cupcakes. I'm not sure if they were frosting them after I ordered but it took long enough for me to get a little impatient. Anyway, I opted for a banana chocolate chip cupcake and also got a chocolate cupcake for my toddler niece, Claire. Each cupcake is $2.95.
Truth be told, I kind of knew that the banana chocolate chip cupcake was going to be more muffin-like by the looks of it, but I ordered it anyway (I don't know why I can never pass up a banana cupcake). While the frosting was fudgy, it wasn't as complex and tasty as I hoped it would be (I always hope fudgy frosting will be like this one). The whole cupcake was borderline not-so-good/mediocre.

While I wasn't as excited about my cupcake, little Claire was super enthusiastic about hers. She would most likely give it a glowing review.
The Twisted Baker
Lincoln Park
2475 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

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