The Croissant Cupcake

October 12, 2017

One of the most exciting news I heard when I moved to Kansas City was that there is a Tous Les Jour here! Tous Les Jour is a Korean bakery that sells an array of delicious pastries and the most amazing, fluffiest cake you'll ever eat. My family is obsessed. 

All summer, I was eyeing their hybrid croissant/muffin/cupcake, aka the croffin, when I kept patronizing the Tous Les Jour near the parents' house. I finally decided to try one the other day here in KC. They had three flavors of croffins available: green tea, mocha and maybe pumpkin?? Each croffin is $2.95. 
The croffin comes with a dollop of frosting on top the pastry but I accidentally smushed it on the car ride home. So in the picture above, it looks like I spread butter on the croffin. The inside is filled with flavored cream that is light and isn't too sweet. And it tastes exactly like a super delicious croissant, buttery and flakey. 
Of all the cronut/hybrid desserts I've had, this is probably the tastiest. But I'm still determined one day to try a real cronut in NYC
On a side note: If you're near a Tous Les Jour or any other Korean bakery, try the sausage pastry. It's actually more like hot dogs/cheese/ketchup all rolled into a soft bread that is completely insane looking but is totally amazing. 

Tous Les Jour
(Locations Nationwide)
10348 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, Kansas

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