March 8, 2018

I found myself with a couple weeks off from work so for the first week I stayed in KC, giving myself time to do things I needed to get done (ie. taxes, doctor appointments, etc). But with this extra time, I also did a little exploring around the city. 

Authentic tacos at Carniceria San Antonio:
Since moving from Texas 8 months ago, I terribly miss eating authentic, Mexican street tacos. But after seeing these tacos on the Ulterior Epicure's instagram (he's the ultimate foodie and a KC resident), I knew these would be a good substitute to hold me over until I can visit Houston again. They were pretty delicious but go easy on the salsas, they look harmless but are quite spicy. Cheap, flavorful and tasty---what more could you ask for?

Dumplings at Chewology Gyoza & Kushiyaki:
I made a trip out to the burbs to the new Lenexa Public Market just for these plump, chewy dumplings. They were delicious but slow to arrive and also a bit on the pricey side ($12 for 6).

Tamales at Red Kitchen Tamales:
Luckily I went to the Lenexa Public Market on a Tuesday when tamales are available at Red Kitchen Tamale (they're only available on Tuesdays and Saturdays. These were simply delicious! Next time, I should sample their breakfast burritos and tortas.

Healthy Eating at The Mixx

I've been on the hunt for a healthy fast food option here in KC, reminiscent of Local Foods in Houston. Thanks to a friend's recommendation, I found the spot! You can create your own salads and sandwiches or build a quinoa bowl, while noshing on their super tasty sweet potato fries with curry dipping sauce.

A Scenic Drive on Cliff Drive

A Cookie Semi-Fail:
My sista Melissa gushed about these salted chocolate chunk shortbread cookies and I couldn't wait to bake them. I must have done something wrong because I ended up with the crumbliest dough but managed to bake a few good cookies and they were so delicious! I just need to figure out what went wrong. 

And finally I enjoyed a Mediterranean lunch at Holy Land Cafe in Lenexa. Their pillowy pitas, smokey baba ganoush and flavorful gyro meat were all winners. Sorry no picture but I'll definitely try to make it out there again. 


  1. If your shortbread was too crumbly you needed to add more butter, let the dough rest again as a log, then roll in sugar/bake. I made these a couple of weeks ago and had the same problem!