Baby Sprinkles

July 18, 2018

Twin Sista is expecting a little one and a sprinkles-themed baby shower was thrown for the parents-to-be. I can't wait to meet niece no. 4 soon!
In addition to the delicious food, there was a photo booth area, complete with sprinkles! 

The Sprinkle Photo Booth was a fun way to create a guest book for the parents-to-be. This easy tutorial from Oh Happy Day made it easy to recreate (but a balloon pump is a must. Luckily dad-to-be had a medicine ball pump, otherwise we would have been in trouble). 

We used a white bed sheet as our backdrop and with some command strips and safety pins, it held up well against the wall. And painters tape was used to tape the balloons to the sheet. 

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  1. That’s fabulous baby shower. I am totally in love with the photos, especially the food; it was so colorful and looks yummy. I will also throw an easy outdoor baby shower for my friend and have already made the reservation for the best event space San Francisco.