The Three Hour Frosting

July 8, 2018

I like to think of myself as a low-maintenance person (but I'm sure those closest to me can say there are occasional moments on the contrary). So when a high-maintenance buttercream was requested for a baby shower cake, I almost threw in the towel. Three hours to make from start to finish??! Oof! (Now I realize when I say I'm low-maintenance, I think what I really mean is LAZY).
Anyway, if this lazy person can admit that three hours is worth it to make this frosting, then it's pretty amazing. This German Buttercream is like vanilla pudding in frosting form. It combines a custard with tons of butter to create a (my first) non-powdered sugar frosting. I also could have eaten an entire bowl of this frosting on its own since it wasn't too sweet and it's basically pudding, right?
For you custard-making newbies like me, trust the recipe when it says it will become thick and lumpy. I was skeptical at first because I kept stirring a very liquidy base and then suddenly the mixture got so thick that my poor whisk (and my arm muscles) got an intense workout and the 14 year old IKEA whisk bit the dust.
I paired this frosting with funfetti cake for a test run on Fourth of July. I was inspired by Molly's marzipan balls so I added some patriotic flair to the cake to make it more festive.
The Recipe: German Buttercream Frosting from Bravetart. The frosting is pretty precise with its measurements and even butter temperature but this helps make it foolproof.
The Result: A thick but easy to work with frosting that is perfect for cake decorating or eating straight from the bowl. A friend described it as a sugar cookie dough frosting.

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