Whole30 Week 3

August 31, 2018

Three weeks down, one to go! Cravings were down this week but I spent 4 days eating cashews from Trader Joe's that were cooked in rice bran oil. I didn't even think to  read the ingredients when I bought them, thinking cashews were probably safe from non-compliant ingredients; clearly, I was wrong.
The biggest takeaway has been that my sleeping and sinus allergies haven't improved. I'm pretty bummed about this but hoping that in the last week, I'll see some improvement.
  • have been wanting alcohol on several occasions and am looking forward to that first drink on DAY 13 of the reintroduction phase.  
  • still feeling groggy for an afternoon nap but realize this is a result of my sinus allergies. 
  • decided to try the rx bar chocolate chip flavor since the ingredients are Whole30 compliant but then after eating it, I googled and found this discussion. Maybe not a great idea but I've been toeing the line of foods that are compliant but may still be considered junk food. 
  • generally still feeling full longer these days.
Favorite Recipes
  • Crispy Swoodles with Egg-sweet potato is a little harder to crank through a spiralizer but just put some muscle into it! 
  • Curry Chicken Salad from the Whole30 Fast and Easy book. I made my own mayo which tasted heavily like the olive oil I used but when combined with curry powder, that flavor was masked up quickly. 
  • Dairy-Free Queso-I never thought I'd be the type of person that would make cheese-less cheese but here I am. I was testing it out for a potluck and quickly made it non-vegan by adding chorizo. It was actually pretty delicious! 
  • Sweet Potato and Broccoli Bowl-I make this pretty regularly but changed the dressing to make it Whole30 compliant by omitting miso and honey and replacing them with coconut aminos and orange juice. It still tasted pretty great!  

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