Damn Good Cupcake

May 14, 2019

Sometimes you stumble upon a cupcake completely unexpectedly. Last weekend, I had no plans to patronize any bakeries but when I was out on a chilly, rainy morning at the Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair, I came face to face with the CoffeeCakeKC food truck. I've actually seen it out and about on the streets of KC a few times (particularly as I walked up this steep hill from the parking garage to work a few times--and I remember thinking as it drove passed me, "wait....stop.....cupcake....!!!").
So as a little morning pick-me-up at the craft fair, I purchased a red velvet cupcake from their three available flavors. The cupcake was $3. The cupcakes are actually from The Kansas City Baking Company, which sells their goods wholesale across the city.
The little cake was perfectly moist, fluffy and flavorful. It really tasted like cocoa and had a nice punch of vanilla and tang from the cream cheese frosting (I've had many a bad red velvet cupcake in my lifetime so this was very enjoyable). I gobbled it up immediately even though I wasn't that hungry---a tell tale sign that a cupcake is just damn good. Simple yet delicious!

Located across Kansas City

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