Chocolate Chip Cookie Test No. 8-The Softball-Sized One

May 24, 2019

Does anyone remember the Food Network show from the mid 2000s Throwdown with Bobby Flay? I loved watching that show because it showcased the best places to get certain types of food. The chocolate chip cookie episode featured these softball-sized, mouthwatering cookies from Levain Bakery in New York City. Since watching that episode, I try to grab a Levain cookie every time I'm in NYC.
These cookies are 6 ounces of cookie packed with chocolate chips and walnuts and are best when a little warm and gooey on the inside. Since I haven't been to NYC in 3 years, I jumped at the chance to bake this copycat recipe from Bravetart.
From my somewhat foggy memory, the copycat cookie is just as delicious as the real Levain one--a little gooey, filled with melted chocolate and perfectly thick and tasty. While I'm not usually a nuts-in-my-cookie type of person, the walnuts add a nice textural crunch in the midst of the super-thick cookie.
The Recipe:  Super-Thick Chocolate Chip Cookies from Serious Eats. Make sure you have a good cooking thermometer since taking the temperature helps determine the doneness of the cookie.

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