Celebrating Fall with...Popsicles

September 27, 2019

Happy Fall everyone! I enjoyed my first run of the season yesterday since it wasn't steamy hot out here in KC. While everyone might be embracing pumpkin spiced everything, I'm still clinging on to to summer over here. After a very brutal winter last year, I'm not quite ready to give up on summer dresses and sandal-wearing days...and what better way to do that than by bringing out the popsicle mold I've forgotten about for a few years!

And since I've been obsessed with rosé, especially during the summer months, I thought I'd make a frosé popsicle. Boozy popsicles...mmmm...
The Recipe: Frosé Popsicles from Epicurious. Delightfully fruity, a little boozy and very refreshing, on a hot, summer day or even when wanting a reminder of warmer days in the dead of winter.

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