Halal Guys at Home

September 19, 2019

It was love at first bite for me at the Halal Guys cart in NYC: the flavorful meat on top of a bed of addictive rice and topped with that oh-so-delicious tangy white sauce. While I was fortunate enough to live in a city with a Halal Guys when I lived in Houston, I am sadly without one in Kansas City. But you can imagine my excitement when I saw this copycat recipe for Chicken and Rice with White Sauce.
These days, I'm trying to find ways to eat healthier when I cook for myself so I nixed the rice and swapped out the iceberg for mixed salad greens and then added radishes, cucumber and pickled onions. And to make it even easier to eat, I used ground chicken so I didn't have to worry about chopping any meat (I always thought the chicken pieces were a little on the dry side at Halal Guys so this prevents that!).
The Recipe: Chicken and Rice with White Sauce from Serious Eats. 
And I'm happy to report that it's almost as tasty as the real thing and honestly, I didn't miss the rice...too much.

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