Swirly Cookies + Holiday Baking

December 23, 2019

The past week has been filled with lots of flour, sugar, butter and eggs, in a frenzy to make little baked goody gifts. It happened completely by coincidence that two of the cookies were of a swirly nature.

Recipe No. 1: Cinnamon Swirl Cookies from America's Test Kitchen
As you can see from the picture above, the swirls were more visible in some but not all. The cinnamon sugar filling should have been weighed and divided in half. Instead, I eyeballed it and my first batch ended up with not as much filling as need to make the beautiful swirls.

These were reminiscent of the buttery sugar cookies I would consume as a child from those large tins of assorted cookies. These are delicious but I would prefer a cookie with more pizzazz. But they do receive bonus points for being great eye candy.

Recipe No. 2: Chocolate Sea Salt Rugelach from Molly Yeh
I started my love affair with rugelach two years ago and this year I wanted to make a Christmukkah hybrid by adding some Christmas-colored sprinkles. These were buttery and deliciously chocolately and a complete hit! I used nutella instead of adding in melted chocolate, which sped up the assembly process.

Recipe No. 3: Dark Chocolate Marzipan Scone Loaf from Molly Yeh
This is one of my favorite recipes from Molly's cookbook and were made in small loaf form with the help of these cute baking tins from World Market (I have last year's version). I decreased the baking time to 24 minutes and it easily makes three small loaves---perfect for gifting.

Happy Holiday Baking, everyone!

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