Cupcake Day 2019

December 15, 2019

It's finally sinking in that these are the last few days of this decade. So as a fond farewell to the Cupcake Days of the 2010s, here is my last National Cupcake Day cupcake of the decade (which was consumed a couple days early since I wouldn't have had time to purchase this cupcake on the actual day).

I'd been following Twig Cake Company on instagram for a while now and have been eyeing their beautiful cupcakes that are sold on the weekends at Monarch Coffee. The coffee shop is only a couple miles from my apartment but it took National Cupcake Day for me to finalize get my hands on one.
There was only one (festive) flavor available: gingerbread with salted caramel cream cheese frosting and crystallized ginger, priced at $5.50 (a little $$$ in my 8 years of cupcaking).

I'm so happy to report that this year's National Cupcake Day cupcake was spectacular! It was perfectly moist with a very flavorful cake. It had the right balance between the robust flavor of the molasses-y cake and the tanginess of the cream cheese frosting. I was a little skeptical because of the price but was more than happily surprised by its deliciousness.

Happy National Cupcake Day!

Twig Cake Company at Monarch Coffee
3550 Broadway Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri

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