Chocolate Chocolate Cookies

January 29, 2020

It's official: I've made my first new chocolate chip cookie recipe of 2020! However, these aren't the classic chocolate chip cookie--they don't have brown sugar or granulated sugar, just powdered sugar, which makes them lighter and more fragile in texture.
Alison Roman's Tiny, Salty, Chocolatey Cookies are like a chewy brownie in cookie form with a salty punch. Chocolate is the star of the show here, which makes these extra delicious since 67% dark chocolate is being used. And with the addition of browned butter, these cookies seem more sophisticated and adult yet completely delicious.

The Recipe: Tiny, Salty, Chocolatey Cookies from Alison Roman of the NY Times. Be sure to let these cookies fully cool since these tend to break if released from the pan too early. 

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