Layered Marzipan Brownies

January 27, 2020

When I wanted to gift another baked good to a friend, I went in search of a recipe with marzipan since she loves marzipan so much. (She's been gifted this loaf in the past). Googling had me find this recipe for Marzipan Brownies.
These brownies are definitely for an almond lover---there are almonds, almond extract and almond paste (in the marzipan) in this recipe. A triple punch of almonds! The brownies are also beautifully layered with the brownie layer then the marzipan and finally the chocolate glaze on top. My sister thought they were a little reminiscent of Italian Rainbow Cookies

The Recipe: Marzipan Brownies from love & olive oil. I opted to use store-bought marzipan, which made these a little easier to make. I love the soft texture of the marzipan with the fudginess of the brownie layer. So delicious and a beauty too. 

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