Quarantine Cooking Month 1

April 15, 2020

I just hit my one month anniversary of holing up in my apartment.  Weeks 1 and 2 were a little strange, getting used to the new reality and I found little joy in cooking and eating, to be honest. But since then, I've gotten into a rhythm here in quarantine life.

In Week 2, I finally made an inventory of my very stocked pantry. Most items were actually purchased before this calendar year. I like to joke that since I naturally hoard food for "when I don't feel like cooking" meals, I was made for this kind of lifestyle.

Because I'm cooking for one, it is easy to stretch my groceries for a long time. Most dishes I make can last 3-4 days, which I know is unusual for the average person/household. So far, I'm not getting sick of cooking but ask me that same question in a few weeks, I might have a different answer.

Highlights from Quarantine Cooking Month 1: 

Better-Than-Chipotle Sofritas from The Kitchn dreaming of the day when I can go back to Chipotle but this was a tasty substitute.

Asian Garlic Noodles from Extra Petite (the only fashion blog I follow and she's been posting great recipes during these times) super quick, delicious and I've already made this 3 times!

Mujadara (Stuck-Pot Rice with Lentils) from Smitten Kitchen super flavorful, pretty simple (basically just lentils, rice and onions) and I love the crunchy rice bits.

Tangy Herb-Sesame Slaw from Chrissy Teigan's Cravings a tasty way of using leftover cabbage

Spicy Coconut Wonton Soup so easy and delicious.

Scallion Pancakes from Serious Eats fried deliciousness and I even made a video showing the process of making it to entertain myself one day (taking the cue from Jennifer Garner's Instagram TV show called Pretend Cooking Show and posting my own Pretend Cooking Show series on my IG stories).

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