Homemade Pocky Sticks

April 24, 2020

I had every intention to make homemade pocky sticks way back in December as part of my holiday baking extravaganza but then the madness of the season won over my grand plans. Now that I find myself with lots of time on my hands, I thought I'd finally give this project a go.
The dough is relatively simple to come together but the rolling out of the sticks is a little tricky. The NY Times put a video out on their holiday cookie haul and recommended that you not press too hard while rolling out the pocky sticks...something I had difficulty with (watch around the 5:26 mark for the pocky making section of the video). There are other recipes that suggest piping the dough, which would yield a much more uniform shape and length. 
The biggest surprise was the icing flavors---while I'll admit that dark chocolate was ultimately my favorite, I also thoroughly loved the matcha and raspberry icing flavors I made with WHITE CHOCOLATE (I'm usually not a fan of white chocolate but the somewhat bitterness of the matcha and the tartness of the freeze-dried raspberries were able to tone down the usually very sweet white chocolate flavor. 
The Recipe: Pocky Sticks from the NY Times Cooking---the perfect little snack to munch on while working from home that are totally addicting and delicious. 

Recipe Notes
  • in retrospect, using a pizza cutter would have been easier than a knife when slicing the sticks from the dough
  • when pulverizing the raspberries, try to pick out the seeds if they linger, to create a smoother icing
  • don't press too hard with the spoon when icing the sticks--they are fragile and tended to break on me
  • if you don't have access to NY Times Cooking, here is another recipe that uses the piping method: Homemade Pocky from A Cozy Kitchen
Enjoy another video installment of my Pretend Cooking Show

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