Crispy Pan Pizza

May 12, 2020

I'm one of the few people right now that is not baking bread and I've been wondering how to use up the yeast I've had in my pantry for about a year now. Then I remembered that King Arthur Flour's Recipe of the Year for 2020 is Crispy Pan Pizza and I knew that would be the perfect way to use up some yeast. 
Since I was so thrilled after baking last year's Recipe of the Year, I knew this would be a fool-proof recipe with delicious results. 

If you love Pizza Hut pan pizza, then this is for you. I mean that in the highest of compliments...that was totally my jam back in my youth. This pizza is wonderfully crispy and a little oily but in the best way. 
The Recipe: King Arthur Flour's Crispy Pan Pizza. It requires virtually no kneading, just the occasional fold of the dough every 5 minutes, repeated four times. Then wait overnight or up to 3 days and then you'll have a beautiful and delicious pizza. 

I'm eager to try this with different variations of ingredients but for my first attempt, I stuck with traditional ingredients: sausage, spinach and onions. 
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