Biang Biang Noodles

May 5, 2020

I've been dreaming of making homemade pasta noodles for quite some time but hadn't pulled the trigger since I don't have a pasta maker. Then deep in an internet rabbit hole one day, I came across hand-ripped Asian noodles and knew this would be me intro to noodle making.
Hand-ripped Asian noodles are wide and chewy, two qualities I love in Asian noodles. I had these noodles while in NYC seven years ago at the popular Xi'an Famous Foods and have dreamt of eating them again one day. Lucky for me, the owner has released their recipe and cooking method out into the world (they have a cookbook coming out this fall).  It became the perfect quarantine cooking adventure and a way to get my hand-ripped noodle fix while hunkering down at home.

The name Biang Biang comes from the sound the dough makes when you bang the dough in order to stretch it out to create noodles. So if you need to get out some aggression, making these noodles can be therapeutic as well.
The Recipe: Biang Biang Noodles from Xi'an Famous Foods are spicy, chewy and delicious. (Check out the latest installment of Pretend Cooking Show).
Recipe Notes: 
  • while the recipe says you can use bread flour, I found the bread flour not yielding an elastic-y enough dough. this recipe goes in depth about using bread flour (if only I had read that before diving head first into this then I would have had an easier time making these noodles) 
  • make sure not to make this when you're hungry. the dough has a resting period of an hour after 3 different kneading/5 min. resting sessions

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