The Viral Dalgona Drinks

June 9, 2020

Before I start blabbing about how I made some fluffy, fun, foamy cold beverages during my time in quarantine, I want to make sure you know the many ways you can support the Black Lives Matter movement by either signing petitions, donating, patronizing local black businesses, protesting, educating yourself and striving to do better for the black community that has been neglected, discriminated against, abused and murdered for too long. Click here to find ways to help! 

Just as we started hibernating into our homes almost three months ago from the coronavirus, the world was getting introduced to a fluffy, whipped coffee drink that is easily made in the comfort of one's home (thanks Korea, Macau and the tiktok world for spreading the joy that is Dalgona everything). 
However, along with toilet paper, instant coffee was hard to come by in the early days of quarantine so I turned to the matcha versions to try out first. 

This blogger gives us two ways to create the foamy matcha by using egg whites or whipped cream. The fluffiest of the two was the egg white version---but is anyone else a little wigged out by drinking raw egg whites? It was totally fine but sometimes...I get a little freaked out. 
And once I got my hands on some decaf instant coffee, the regular coffee version was super easy and delicious to drink on a hot summer day 

The Recipe: Dalgona Matcha (two methods), from i am a food blog. Dalgona Coffee from Hummingbird High

Recipe Notes: 
  • there is also a coconut cream version also mentioned in the i am a food blog recipe, which turned out to be a total failure but it was easily converted into a matcha latte
  • simple syrup is required for the egg white matcha version so it isn't as easy to make quickly (unless you have some on hand)
  • did not hand whisk these to fluffiness but took the shortcut of using my electric hand mixer (gotta save my arm muscles for oboe playing). i loved seeing videos of people really working hard to whisk this to velvety goodness. 
  • been experimenting with coconut sugar and that works well too for the coffee version
  • there are also version with strawberry nesquik 
On a side note: Happy 9th Birthday to the blog! Can't believe it's been nine years since this first post!

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