Pandemic Cooking: Month 4

July 25, 2020

Month Four Cooking has been sponsored by farmers market produce. I've been having fun cooking with new vegetables (fennel and kohlrabi) and getting creative with whatever I pick up at the market that looks beautiful---so it's only natural that I've been eating lots of salads. But I'm not complaining---summer is the time for cold dishes. 

Vinegar Roasted Beets from Alison Roman were a delight with the tanginess from the vinegar and the smokiness of the charred scallions. 

Golden Beet Salad from NY Times Cooking is a super easy and bright & tasty salad to throw together once you have roasted your beets. 

Lemony Fennel Kale Salad from Brooklyn Supper was a delicious vessel to use raw fennel. 

Kale and Kohlrabi Salad from Chocolate Slopes was a similar dish I had at a socially distanced bbq recently and sought out this recipe to recreate it at home. Since kohlrabi is in the cabbage/broccoli family, it adds a nice punch to the salad with hints of sweetness from the dressing. 

Pesto Pasta Salad from The Kitchn was a great way to use the abundant basil I've been growing. 

Farmers Market Galette from the Kitchn with Smitten Kitchen Pie Dough was a feast for my eyes as well as my tastebuds. By far my prettiest galette to date. 

Check out my latest cooking video of making the Farmers Market Galette:

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