Ram-Don Movie Noodles

July 27, 2020

I meant to recreate the delicious-looking noodle dish from the movie Parasite months ago since these noodles make for the perfect hunkering-down food (comfort food at its best). 
I actually made the basic recipe years ago on the blog (way back in 2013...ah...pre-pandemic life) but without the addition of steak. Steak is what makes it super fancy for the Park family in the film. 
It has been years since I last had these instant noodles (probably since I wrote that blog entry) and omg, they were so delicious---like being reunited with your favorite guilty pleasure. Salty, spicy and with a nice umami punch. I don't think the steak really made the dish so much better and honestly, I prefer it in its purest form--with just noodles. 
The Recipe: Ram-Don You can use any brand of instant jjajang noodles you can find. I couldn't find the brand synonymous with this dish but the other brand worked just as well. I would stick with the Nongshim Neoguri Noodles though. You can find these ingredients at the Asian market near the ramen section or sometimes even at your local grocery store in the Asian aisle. 

Check out my latest Pretend Cooking Show Episode making these noodles:

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