Pandemic Cooking: Month 5

August 29, 2020

Has it already been 5+ months in this pandemic? This last month has moved a lot slower for me than previous months and I found myself at the beginning of August not wanting to cook much. But the highlights of my week has been my bi-weekly visits to two different farmers markets in KC. I'll miss this luxury of the outdoor grocery shopping when the weather cools down but luckily I still have a few more months of farmers market time left. 

Highlights from Pandemic Cooking: Month 5

Elote Corn Salad from Serious Eats was a tasty and super easy recipe to make to eat my farmers market corn AND any reason to use Trader Joe's Elote Seasoning is always good in my book. 

Baingan Bharta from The Guardian was a delicious Indian dish to use up the surplus of farmers market eggplant in my kitchen these days. I had fun charring the eggplant in my cast iron pan on my electric stove. 

Fried Eggplant with Harissa from Alison Roman was a spicy, tasty way to eat more eggplant. 

Bhindi Masala from Saveur was my first foray in cooking with okra. I cannot emphasize how easy this was to make and I didn't find the okra too slimy. Definitely would buy more okra to cook this again. 

Tomato Sandwiches have been eaten in abundance this past month with all the beautiful heirloom tomatoes I've been scooping up at the farmers market. The one pictured below used leftover pesto but mostly I've been eating them with mayo and everything bagel seasoning on my sourdough bread

Savory Oatmeal has been in regular rotation for breakfast lately because it turns out, I need to have better cholesterol numbers. I love the addition of kimchi with the oatmeal so I can get a healthy dose of probiotics too each day. 

Vinegar-Braised Chicken with Farro and Watercress from Alison Roman was a beautifully tender chicken dish that is also quite ugly delicious below. I've loved cooking recipes from Alison Roman's Dining In cookbook that I got last year for my birthday but have only just begun cooking out of it. 

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