Potstickers and Buns

September 8, 2020

I find nothing more comforting than eating potstickers or buns (baos). You can imagine that I've eaten my fair share throughout this pandemic and even took the time to (finally) use up dumpling wrappers that have been in my freezer for who knows how long. 

I even attempted to make a crispy crepe like they do in restaurants--to mild success. 

And when I ran out of dumpling wrappers and still had lots of filling leftover, I made my own bao wrappers, with much more success than in the past. 

(But still the best baos are at this food stand outside one of my favorite Korean grocery stores in Chicago. Joong Boo Wang Mandoo, I cannot wait for the day until we are reunited again). 

The Recipe: Pan-Seared Gyoza from NYTimes Cooking with this bao dough recipe from Molly Yeh and if you're feeling fancy, add a crispy crepe to your potstickers. 

Full Disclosure: I oversalted my dumpling filling so don't season so liberally as the NYTimes recipe above says to. I MacGuyver'd the situation by using up some panic-buying tofu in a box (I prefer mine from the refrigerated section). 

And check out the latest installment of my Pretend Cooking Show:

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