Apple Season

October 8, 2020

It has been a tiny dream of mine to go apple picking since I lived in Buffalo back in 2013. Somehow that dream was never realized all these years and I couldn't relive my memories from childhood when we would pick bagfuls of the WORST apple---red delicious. 
I always thought apple picking season was in October, but here in KC, it starts as early as late August (I love that cider slushees are served to help beat the heat in late summer while apple picking instead of hot apple cider). 
A few weeks ago, I grabbed my tall friend, Fabrice, and a mask and did some pandemic apple picking at the Historic Weston Orchard and Vineyard. It's a perfect activity these days since it's outdoors and you can easily social distance if you go early on a weekday to avoid crowds.
We picked Fuji, Jonathan, Pink Lady, Golden Delicious and Gala apples. And I even climbed onto the shoulders of my 6'4" tall friend to reach pretty apples high up in the trees. 
With my 5lbs of apples, I found a delicious first recipe to bake with them. It's not a looker, by any means, but it is so delicious, super easy to make and doesn't require too many ingredients. 

The Recipe: French Apple Cake from The Kitchn is deliciously flavored with rum. I was shocked it didn't call for any fall spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. The apple flavor shines through and is enhanced by the rum. 

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