Binging on Bon Appetit

November 16, 2020

I was told by Twin Sista that I'm about two years too late to the party but I just recently discovered the joys of the Bon Appetit video library via my smart tv's free Bon Appetit Channel. It is kind of rotten timing since Bon Appetit got in some hot water over the summer and a slew of their YouTube talent left because of a racist culture at BA. As much as these food videos have been a good escape from the news lately, it is a little hard to watch knowing the drama behind the scenes.
(My favorite series is Gourmet Makes and my gateway to the channel was watching Claire tackle making Choco Tacos).  

Anyway in my many hours of watching the BA channel, I was intrigued by an Indian soup that was made from yogurt and chickpea flour made by chef Priya Krishna. I was eager to make it after seeing how overjoyed she was at how delicious the soup was. 

And since it's a pantry staple soup, I was thrilled that I had [almost] all the ingredients on hand to try it out without going to the store. (I fudged a little bit when I used whole milk Greek yogurt when the recipe specifically asked for it not to be used---but you know, pandemic times call for a little creativity so I thinned it out with some milk). 
The Recipe: Kadhi from Priya Krishna of Bon Appetit and catch her delightful video of making the soup. It's velvety, flavorful, tangy and cozy enough to warm you up on a brisk, fall day and it comes together pretty quickly---as long as you have already cooked rice waiting for you in your freezer, like me. 

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