Sticky Apple Cake

November 19, 2020

In need of a fairly easy-to-assemble Thanksgiving dessert? Look no further...

This Sticky Apple Cake from Alison Roman is not too complicated to make, as long as you're comfortable making brown butter and chopping up some apples. 
She describes it as a cross between sticky toffee cake/yellow birthday cake/apple pie/apple pancake---which sounds like a lot going on but simply, it's a super tasty cake with apples. 

Next time I bake this, I'll bake it the full amount of time--I tend to set the timer a little before the allotted time in a recipe and thought it was done baking (even used a toothpick to test it and it looked done). But then I was left with a very soupy middle but pretty delicious edges. And since it's an upside down cake, I couldn't rectify the cake by putting it back in the oven easily. I'm very confused how I could have gauged this so wrong but it was so tasty that I almost didn't care that I royally messed up the cake. 

The Recipe: Sticky Apple Cake from Alison Roman. This cake comes together quickly, is super flavorful and the perfect dessert for fall. 

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