Cupcake Day 2020

December 15, 2020

Happy Cupcake Day! After the last nine months of distressing pandemic life, at least there'll always be a cupcake to brighten up a day---and the cupcake holiday to remind me of this. 

I planned for this day over a week ago since I knew I would be a week into my hibernation on the actual cupcake day (I'm quarantining so I can safely drive to see my family for Christmas next week). 
I stopped by the new kid on the block, the super instagrammy, organic eatery here in KC: Billie's Grocery. Billie's Grocery amazingly opened its doors during the pandemic and has been welcomed with open arms by Kansas Citians. It's part restaurant, bakery and cooking school. And lucky for me, they have cupcakes! 

There were several flavors available (and all gluten-free) and I opted for a Nutella cupcake for $4.25. It was a nice treat after eating a healthy protein bowl for lunch from Billie's and it didn't feeling like a total sugar bomb. It wasn't too sweet and was a pretty okay cupcake (not the biggest endorsement but I mean this in the best/nicest way---after trying almost 200 cupcakes in the past decade, I know if a cupcake is amazing and this one is decently in the middle of the road good). 

Can't believe this was my first cupcake hunting adventure in 2020 and since last year's cupcake on Cupcake Day. Here's to many more sweet-filled and cheery times in 2021! 

Billie's Grocery
3216 Gillham Plaza
Kansas City, Missouri


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