Festive Hamantaschen

February 28, 2021

For my third foray into hamantaschen baking (here's 2019 and 2020's versions), I used the occasion to bake with some homemade marzipan that was gifted to me by my friend Dorris. My favorite food blogger Molly Yeh says marzipan is her favorite hamantaschen filling so I couldn't wait to try out this version. 
February/March can be hard months to get through but my yearly baking of hamantaschen has really brought something to look forward to--these triangular shaped cookies!
The Verdict: This year's hamantaschen seemed to hold their fold better thanks to Molly's tip about brushing egg wash on the inside of the dough circle before adding in the filling. The filling, while delicious with the combo of marzipan + raspberry jam, didn't have the wow/yum factor as my two previous hamantaschen. But they are almost like pies with a shortbread-like "crust." Tasty. 

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