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March 11, 2021

2021 has had a fairly steady stream of baked goods coming from my kitchen. And since I'm not able to bring all the treats I bake to work with me to share, I'm delivering them to friends so they can help me consume them. I bumped into a colleague the other day who said he couldn't wait for the day when I can bring goodies back to work and I couldn't agree with him more. 

A delightful cake-like banana bread that is also eye candy with the halved banana baked on top of the loaf. This was great except that if it wasn't for my sniffer, I wouldn't have noticed that my bread was done baking TWENTY minutes before the written time in the recipe. So keep an eye on your oven if you bake this. 

I've always had trouble finding the perfect brownie recipe that is deliciously fudgy and not too sweet. These nutella brownies are probably the best brownies I've ever made and cannot recommend them enough. AND I also made Yossy's Chocolate Lava Cake for a friend's birthday and wasn't able to take a picture since my sample of the lava cake came out a tiny bit underbaked but it was SO amazing. I cannot wait to try out her other recipes. 

These mini cookies are about the size of a quarter and contain only one chocolate chip each! They're more like one bite cookies and could even be perfect for the cookie cereal trend. Soft, chewy and the perfect little treat! 

For my chocolate-raspberry loving friend's birthday, I gifted him these cookie bars. The oat crust is topped with chocolate chips and raspberry preserves and topped with more oat crumble. Super easy to make and tasty too. 

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