TikTok Foods

February 16, 2021

You could say I'm bored enough to try out any of the latest food trends, or ahem, the latest trending foods on TikTok. I don't actually have TikTok but I'm sure you all know about these trendy foods. Let's see how they fared...

TikTok Tortilla Hack which is the ingenious method of cutting a slit into a tortilla or in this case, nori, to create quadrants to easily make a food pouch. I made kimbap and honestly, I may never roll the Korean sushi roll again because this way too easy and also just as delicious. ✔️approved! 

Cloud Bread was relatively unfamiliar to me but this trend came out back in September. It's a pillowy bread that's made from egg whites and can be dyed to make it tie-dyed and fun for kids. I overfilled my air fryer and created a sad mess and this tasted too eggy for me. Fluffy, yes. Tasty, no.  👎pass

Baked Feta Pasta is the most recent craze from TikTok that takes a block of feta and bakes it with tomatoes and olive oil to create a creamy, cheesy and very easy pasta dish. I underestimated the amount of feta I had so I used a tiny block of it but it became exactly what it was always described as: creamy, cheesy pasta--nothing too earth shattering but just fine. I used Smitten Kitchen's variation with chickpeas but since this dish is easily customizable, it's become super trendy for the home chef these days. ✔️approved! 

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