Korean Street Toast

February 11, 2021

For years I'd been so curious about this recipe I saw for a Korean sandwich that's sold in street markets. The sandwich has ketchup, mayo AND jelly? Sounded so strange yet I was willing to try this unusual combo of flavors. 
Gilgeori Toast: a salty/sweet egg sandwich from Korea sold at street markets filled with cabbage and cheese and topped with ketchup, mayonnaise and sweetened with sugar or fruit jelly. 

While this sandwich is usually made with milk bread, I thought I'd baked my own sandwich bread and use that instead. (I baked a loaf with some sourdough starter and it was so pillowy that it probably was an okay substitute for milk bread). 
How'd it taste? This buttery cabbage-egg omelette sandwich topped with burger condiments AND raspberry jam was actually very enjoyable. The fruit flavor was really subtle but it worked well against the savory/buttery filling. Since it had ketchup and mayo, it reminded me of eating a McDonald's hamburger (in the best way possible...ah nostalgia). But this is definitely not a light sandwich--a little greasy, cheesy and decadent. 

The Recipe: Gilgeori Toast from NYTimes Cooking. I opted to not use ham since I ate this on Meatless Monday. Also I didn't have the beloved (by Koreans) Kraft Single on hand so I used some grated cheddar. 

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