Matcha Mochi Donuts

March 29, 2021

My twin sista and our friend Erin keep sending me pictures of the cutest flower-shaped mochi donuts from Houston. Since they aren't offered anywhere in Kansas City (one bakery sells mochi donut holes), I decided to make my own. 

And since I'm apparently on the deep-frying bandwagon, I got out my fry oil and whipped these up the other day. They were as cute and as deliciously chewy as I hoped they would be (and they weren't too sweet either). 
The Recipe: Matcha Mochi Donuts from Molly Yeh. You can easily find glutinous rice flour in Asian groceries or online. If the mochi balls don't stick together to make the flower ring, I used a little bit of water to get them to stick (as my friend David said, just like clay in art class!). I had a few break on me while frying so beware of how fragile they are. 

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