Soup's On!

March 16, 2021

With Spring around the corner, I'm hoping that sweater and soup weather will pack up and leave for many many months. But if cold weather insists on sticking around, these soups (that I enjoyed this winter) will warm me up in no time. 

Korean Beef Bone Broth from Maangchi- This bone broth, with the addition of rice cakes and potstickers, becomes the traditional Korean New Years Day soup. It has a milky white broth that was my favorite soup my grandma would make in my childhood. I felt quite accomplished that I had this broth cooking for eighteen hours. (Maangchi has an easier recipe for Rice Cake Soup that doesn't require the long babysitting of a broth). 

Coconut Cod Chowder from Bon Appetit- This chowder is more like a curry fish soup and is so easy to throw together. I skipped the oyster crackers and it was delicious nonetheless. 

Black Bean Soup from Dave Lieberman-My friend Shannon, a soup enthusiast, made this soup for an outdoor dinner hang and I couldn't wait to make it again for myself. It's tangy, smoky and so tasty. 

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